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Mission Statement

Analog Action provides the highest quality professional analog engineering services to the micro-electronics industry. We specialize in creating innovative solutions and completing aggressively scheduled projects. 



  • We believe that successful companies (our customers) are built both on good products and the ability to fully control the intellectual property behind these products.

In contrast to design foundries, we are not in the business of licensing IP. We are in the business of creating unique IP for customers that create long term value for their business.

  • We believe that long term relationships are the key to success.

Analog Action seeks long term relationships with a few select customers. Cost savings from improved efficiencies and lowered transaction costs with each cycle of learning can be shared and allow both our customer and us to be more competitive.

  • We believe our customers exist in a competitive environment, and must control costs.

Long term successful relationships between supplier and customer require the supplier to be an active member of the customer's cost reduction team. Our business model is to provide a high level of expertise, with a high degree of focus and specialization to a few select customers. The normal fixed costs of running an in-house design team are divided among several customers, and not shouldered on a single customer. The high degree of competence and specialization means we can deliver a higher quality product, in a shorter amount of time, with first pass success, and fewer quality issues down the road. Part of that savings is passed onto the customer, and part of that savings is the profit incentive for our company to do better.

What We Do


Complete IC design services
The design team at Analog Action has a combined 35 years of production-worthy-IC experience with volumes in the 10's of millions of units. Specific projects we have designed include: pre-amplifiers of the high-performance and high-volume variety for the hard disk-drive industry, MEM transducer sense-amplifiers, MOS and bipolar bias circuitry, as well as digital high-speed PECL and low-power CMOS design. Many novel sense-amplifier architectures have been developed as well as many novel large-signal write drivers using both bipolar and CMOS processes. From architectural concept, design, layout, foundry interface, test and debug, Analog Action can fill your needs.

Whether your project be large or small, Analog Action has the experience necessary to produce a robust product.

Layout services
Analog Action has experience laying out analog circuitry for optimal matching, maximum packing density and critical parasitics minimization, as well as digital CMOS logic and custom cells. With our significant process expertise, many custom devices have been utilized for optimal circuit performance. We pride ourselves on the ability to support the most aggressive schedules.

Expert Consultation
Analog Action has experience in reverse engineering, architectural evaluations, competitor evaluations, proposals, etc. Before spending millions of dollars on development, expert consultation from the team at Analog Action can identify processes on which your system is optimized given your constraints (cost, performance, time-to-market, etc.). Analog Action can also identify the technical hurdles that your program must overcome. Novel circuit architectures will be developed to address your systems' specific needs. Expert testimony services are also available.

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